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Jul 05, 2006



Irecently discovered Mighty Flirt and love a lot of the dresses they are showing especially the turquoise shift with the appliqued circles on the shoulder. It is beautiful and well designed.

jen a

Absolutely LOVE the cuffs – especially the horses – there is a quite juxtaposition of haute style and kitsch – love it!

jen a

spelled quiet wrong - baby is draining my brain cells!



I know...totally. Hey, you're a jewelry expert...what the heck IS lucite??? I realize now I have no idea, but it's all over the place right now.


oops, Jessica- I forgot to add I LOVE that dress...it was such a struggle not to include it...I also love their little mini skirts made out of circles...yum!

paper lily

Oh! Peep toe pumps in taxi-cab yellow! I have to have those!

jen a

Susan - really and truly it's a type of plastic - it made a huge impact on the furniture design scene in the 1960's and again in the Post Modern movement - think Stark's Ghost Chair - but it is big in the jewelry industry as well and has been since the 60's. Most often (in furniture as well as jewelry) it will be clear - but it can be injected with color as well!


ohhh....I wasn't sure! The name makes it sound like it could be a type of mineral or something! So that's what I always thought, even though that didn't make a lot of sense...

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