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Jul 06, 2006



What comes next for this trend?

I'm hoping "men."


Oh my god, E-C. I love you.

I would definitely get mine fully lined, with a handle.


I think mine would be reversible. Rich. Made in Ireland.

With little quails all over it!


Hm. that sounds like one that would really be more for fancy occasions-- so you might also consider adding one to your collection that could carry heavy stuff...like groceries and air-conditioners.

Either way, it would have to have deep pockets.

e to the C

Oh my God. Too funny.

paper lily

One thing I think is amazing about the trend towards customized handbags is how attractive they are. The kitsch potential is quite high, even for fabrics and styles that have been chosen by the designers with a mind towards coordination. I agree that custom bags really do offer a nice alternative that reflects individual style more than some other brands that have reached mass saturation.

I would so love to have a Freddy & Ma!


Yes- you're totally right...the diy, crafty thing has to be managed-- or, you wind up with something sort of....icky. Freddy & Ma have a really interesting take on that....I so want one too!

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