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Jul 16, 2006


paper lily

I notice ads on blogs, but they just seem like background noise after a while... Distractions that are tuned out in favor of the most recent posts, links, etc.

Another good point you brought up was the probably subconscious association we make between a blog's credibility and the presence of ads. I've also caught myself thinking that "if someone wants to pay for play, there must be something good about this blog." Before realizing, not necessarily.


Yeah-- I tune them out, too. But, sometimes I find it funny that bloggers, who are SO picky about content, would commit to an ad that they basically had no control over...it's weird. I know I will probably never post an ad...unless they paid so much I couldn't refuse-- and even then, I'd have to apologize profusely every 2nd post or so!


I'm new to your blog (via Joy) and thought this was such an interesting point to make. I've struggled with this on my own blog and have toyed with the idea of getting rid of ads entirely (and when it means I get to put up that cute banner it's very tempting). But I think it's interesting to examine on a case by case basis. I personally don't like when ads are injected into sites and sponsors are given shout outs within the editorial section of a site, I find it very distracting. But I agree that it is less than fun to sometimes have ads flashing around what you're reading. But I think I've become one of those "it blends into the background" people because I'm so used to seeing the same ads on the sites I read daily. I at least hope that's how it is with ads on my blog, too.

I know personally I have a decent amount of control over the ads that appear on my site (content, appearance, etc) and their existence allows me to freelance fulltime so I consider them a sort of necessary evil that lets me keep producing something I really love, rather than taking a job that would keep me away from the computer where I can research and keep in touch with artists.

Anyway, don't want to take up too much space- I just think you raised a really interesting point and definitely got me thinking this morning.




You know, it's been a while since I checked my blog...I've been busy working for a new studio...and needless to say, swamped! But your comment got ME thinking this morning.

It's funny, it can go either way....lately, one of the things that DOES really fascinate me (in a nerdy, sort of Media Lab way) is how the internet is fueling a change in the way people buy things....and the way people form their experiences. The power of recommendation is enjoying something of a renaissence, thanks to the ease in which new online interfaces allow communities to form around ideas, products, styles...it's interesting.

Even if you look at something like Netflix...or Amazon, they use formats which allow peer recommendations...similar to ads on blogs (which now that I think about it, are probably vetted first by the blogger themself)... Your blog, Grace, must have huge impact this way...it's really amazing, when I think about it from a 'commerce' perspective.

Anyway, I really appreciate your inisightful and detailed comment, and the thought you put into it. I don't know if I would ever put ads on Spiralbound...but maybe if I did, I'd have more control over them than I thought....

Thank you!

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