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Aug 01, 2006



I love the look in each subject’s eyes – like they are doing it somewhat against their will – at the same time they know how good they look – “yes – photograph me if you must…”


I love Hel Looks too, it's all very inspiring seeing what other people choose to wear, although it makes me feel a bit plain in my clothes!


seems like this and Freddy & Ma are the sites to post nowdays, everywhere I turn people are blogging about amazing Helsinki fashion. I think I can feel a trip coming on.


mmm...so true. you know, it's funny, I like freddy and ma, but I wouldn't carry one....my immediate thing is to want one, but in the end--- not *exactly* my style....but I love their vision.

I liked the fashion on hel looks....but seriously, I Iike people with style just about anywhere....but I'm more into the great art direction. The one I posted of the girl in red, white and blue SO reminds me of an image of a girl in a peach bathing suit at the beach by Rineke Dijkstra...same pose, hair....everything--- same girl? It's a powerrful idea, centering people and capturing them like that....

paper lily

I love the look in the bottom photo. She has wonderful style and the confidence that goes with it.


You are very lucky being Finnish. You have a beautifull nature, a climate that i love (ive been there, in Rovaniemi in mid winter), a great welfare, you are very good looking people and people are more open minded to new fashion. In my country people are very close minded and stupid. I dress as a goth/alternative and all this close minded idiots mock at me and at people who dress like me. Im so tired of all this.
Bad, bad luck to be born a portuguese...not very pretty, bunch of ignorant closeminded people, bad government, low salaries, forest fires, corruption everywhere..etc and to those who say that at least portugal have good climate and beach, thanks but not even that goes for me..i dont even like the beach and i hate the climate, summer is awfully hot.
How unluck not being born in another more developed country such as Finland,where i would be prettier, happer and stylish at my own will, like those people up there.

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