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Oct 10, 2007



Congratulations on the launch!!! I had no idea you were behind SusyJack - I've been reading your blog for a few months now and you always come up with such interesting posts. I never realized that the wonderful and whimsical new line I've been coveting over on Etsy was related. Bravo!


Thank you so much Blythe! I am behind it, yes...but for a while I wanted to keep it under wraps, just because it's sort of a different branch of my personality than spiralbound...I dunno...I just get shy sometimes. But, I'm so glad you like SusyJack*....it's just been so much fun to work on.

heather moore

Thanks for commenting (so passionately!) on my blog. I'm so glad to meet the talent behind the lovely SuzyJack stationary. It's really gorgeous, and I wish you every good thing with this exciting venture.


wow i didn't realise the connection...*i'm a bit late in catching up with blogs

I love your work!


Thank you Natalie!!

Indeed, it is me. (It is I?)
I am so glad you like the work. Coming from you, that means a great deal....

I know...I'm SO bad about catching up on my blog reading, too! I know if I start reading one, I'll spend all day on the internet!
xx sus

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