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Mar 26, 2008


Melissa Brown

Ok! How fabulous are you? I love that you told us what is really "your bag, baby!" I chuckled the entire time and than you for having our safety in mind! A heysusy! giveaway! YIP! OK...I take the challenge.
I love knowing what is in others bags.
1. my green orla kiely wallet which I adore
2. sunglasses(cheap and also scratched and need to be replaced)
3.my phone
4.altoids gum
5.my new favorite gloss(laura mercier's bonbon-yum)
6.wipes and diapers(I have two girls- one still in diapers)
7. a small toy cat( for littlest girl still in diapers:)
8. business cards
9. a journal for jotting down(I need a new one as this one is almost full- a susyjack one perhaps?)
10. and finally in the zippered pocket: hand creme, bandaids and bacitracin for when the kiddies fall, tylenol(for my headaches),tampons!, a stila cheek color, homeopathic Rx for my older daughter's growing pains, a spare car key and hand sanitizer. whew!
I need a bigger bag, baby! :)
This is fun, I can't wait to read the rest of them!


Sorry Susy, I dare not. Mine's worse than yours. I keep a very clean and organized home and a not so bag...


haha, melissa, i'm totally laughing at your bag-contents. when i come over tomorrow, i will know who to run to if i get hurt!!

benita...the secret is out! well, your house is so lovely, you are off the hook...

now *my* place on the other hand...makes me want to move into my bag. haha

Sarah Bray

About a month ago, one of the contents of my bag was curdled milk. (Don't ask!) I don't have to tell you...it's no longer in the bag. And the bag is no longer in my possession.

Melissa Brown

Too funny! All of it! Susy, please don't move into your bag, you could get impaled on one of those curious sharp objects! Yes, I have the wipes, the bandaids and the diapers! We are all set! LOL


oh my god, sarah.

curdled milk? ohhhh boy. what a disaster! Food in the purse. A big no-no. But...I am SO guilty!

I draw the line at dairy, though. haha


too much stuff to list. I actually have a "what's in your bag" series over on my blog. You can find it here: http://thahotness.com

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