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Apr 24, 2008



So lovely - I'm loving your blog and added it to my blog love list - hope you don't mind!


That Philosophy dress {Tribal Deco} is a beauty. Thanks for sharing!


Personally, I'm a fan of the Easton Pearson dress. I like the cut of it and think it could look flattering for a wide variety of people. The colors are great! Even though they're brighter colors, I feel that the way that they kind of mesh together and meld into the background of the dress make them seem subtle.


Thanks all. Diana-- no problem! I'm honored!

I actually saw someone wearing the Philip Lim one on the top last night!

And I do love that Easton Pearson dress, too...I'm a big fan of round collars, and I love the colorful, unexpected fabric. : )


what a cool collection. That first row looks detail intensive!

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