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Apr 07, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

This is so great Susy! I love it....you know it is funny...but, I also tend to think of my "favorites" on etsy as a kind of feelboard for myself. They cheer me and inspire me.


This is very helpful! In fact, I'm going to get to work filling up my board in my boring office!


I love inspiration boards - I love them so much that I actually started a blog that's entirely wedding inspiration boards! I can't wait until the day that I have my very own office, and can put up a real-life inspiration board...


I've never tried inspiration boards, I just go straight to the design stage. I think it might be useful to start working with them.

Susy, this is a great article! Thanks! It's a bummer Etsy never got back to you. They missed it! I remember reading your photo styling feature on Etsy storque some time ago, it was outstanding as well!

Xue Originals

Hi Susy, really stylish looking blog! Thank you for this interesting post with these pretty pics.


Another great and inspirational article! I second what Melissa wrote about Etsy favorites, and also Flickr favorites. They are a great source of inspiration too. I'll definitely try using moodboards for coming projects - both for inspiration and as a means to keep "on track", and not branching out too much from the original idea. Thanks!


I'm so glad that people are enjoying the article...I was a little nervous to write it, because there was so much about feelboards that had already been written...but, as someone who really benefits from them...I felt the need!

I totally agree...in a pinch, my etsy faves (or even the treasury section) serves as a great feelboard-on-the-fly!)


Elsita :)

I really enjoy your blog Susy, it is great!
Gracias :)

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