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Apr 15, 2008



Ohhhh...this is going to fun. Love that dress.

One of life's greatest misfortunes is my inability to pull off gladiator sandals. I love them so, but the bitches don't love me back.


ha! oh my god. i know. i get NO love from sandals of any kind...gladiators are the only kind i can wear because they cover the majority of the foot.

every part of my foot is abhorrent. the tops are awful, the toes...my god. they're like a second pair of hands.

i don't know if you've ever seen lord of the rings, but my feet look like gollum's feet. i'm serious. i am AFRAID to get a pedicure. i'm worried they'll either laugh at me or bring me to the hospital. haha

Melissa de la Fuente

Ha ha....you two are so funny!
How excited am I for Susy's fashion week!? I can't wait!


Susy Fashion week! Yea!

May I put in a plug and recommendation for my favorite sandals, the infinite sandal in one shoe, MoHop Sandals? (no relation_

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