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May 12, 2008



I just visted BigCartel for the first time (to see about using it myself) and was delighted that you are on the front page as the "Featured shop"!

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts on BigCartel!


Hey Tara--
So far, I love it. Listing things is very easy to do, and it has some really great features.

It is definitely less expensive than other ecommerce offers (like yahoo which costs a ton!)

You can put items on 'sale', create codes for buyers to give discounts to returning customers etc. and do all sorts of stuff. Personally- it's been great.

You have to know CSS to really soup up your store, but their starter designs are not bad at all.

It's not like etsy-- there's not too much 'community' aspect. It's really for people who want to promote outside of bigcartel. I like that aspect too. : )

good luck!

Melissa de la Fuente

Can't wait, Can't wait!!
They are all so delicious Sus!


Oh my goodness...they're all gorgeous! I LOVE the rollout. Best of luck at the show!


i think i will need to purchase something in the *dunes* pattern, and it is nice to see the forsythia pattern (from a creative sketch) turn up as products! good luck at the stationary show! *c

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