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May 20, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

Oh Susy! It is absolutely dreamy! I can't wait to see it in person and buy some things!! :) All your hard work has completely paid off and I am so proud of you! You go get em girl! See you tomorrow! :)


Hey don't sell yourself short. It's sophistication with style! Love it and love your work as usual. Yummy!


Susy - I think your booth looks wonderful! Very fresh and clear-sighted. It really lets your work shine through. I'm so glad you shared the pics with us so we can experience the culmination of year of work with you.

leah eggers

your booth is beautiful. congratulations!

Qiana Lee Pucel Graham

Looks fabulous....it's clean and 'fresh' like Persephone stated....

Good Luck!

cindy k

i think it looks great! it's all about the product, which shines through beautifully. good luck!

Maria Fe

love it!


Your booth looked great. Good Luck!


first time commenting on your lovely blog that i've been following the last couple of months. . .i'm a big fan of your work and the booth looks great! the clean, minimal look fits well with your beautiful work. looks like you're in a great place after your 'first year.' looking forward to your insights!


I think it looks GREAT! So modern, clean, so you. I'm looking forward to your report of the whole experience!


wow, i love your booth!!! wish i could see it in person! looking forward to the re-cap/reflections.


Clean and colourful! I hope you're having a good time there! And how fun to be meeting people from this whole world of blogs in person!

A Merry Mishap

The pictures look great! It looks like a wonderful booth...I do wish I could see i in person, though!!


hey - congrats. your booth looks awesome!


Thank you so...SO much everyone. It's been incredible to feel all of this support coming from such a perceptive and caring audience.

Today is the 'cleanup' day of the show, so I'll be schlepping the remaining items back over here to my apartment...then, it's back to 'normal' work.

Again, thank you so much, everyone. It went really, really, well, and I will definitely be posting a re-cap. I'm looking forward to the future, the next phase...with gusto.

love, Sus


i love your booth! i love the clean look, it really makes your colorful cards stand out. I can't wait to hear a re-cap of your experiences...

ps. this is my first time commenting on your blog.... i love reading your lovely blog.


WOW! I think your displays look incredible. The colors just pop! Great job!


WOW! I think your displays look incredible. The colors just pop! Great job!


WOW! I think your displays look incredible. The colors just pop! Great job!

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