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May 30, 2008


A Merry Mishap

I do like the packaging...I'd buy it for that alone!

Mandy Saile

These are really different bottle designs aren't they, I think I really like them as well..because they are very unexpected and simple. I am an accute and chronic migraine sufferer also, so I sympathize. Somedays I go between my work and my heating pad and that's all I manage to do! I enjoy your blog, thanks, Mandy

Melissa de la Fuente

I REALLY want to smell these! I love perfume, but, it has GOT to be the right one. Are these somewhere in the city, Sus? Wanna fieldtrip?
:) I am so sorry you have been under the weather! I hope you continue to feel better! I love this packaging too!


Hey all! Yes-- these are really unorthodox perfume bottles! I NEED to smell these.

Mandy-- sometimes, alka seltzer really helps me. Actually, alka seltzer, 15-30 min later, a cold granny smith from the fridge, then, a nap. That seems to help--

But, sometimes-- a really sound sleep is the best, and only thing for my migraines. What a pain. : )



I'd seen those and the simple design has been utterly enticing. I'm all for honest and forthcoming, whether in people or packaging.

I can't imagine all the smells would help a headache, so hope you're feeling 100% soon! Am about to check out your handmade posts, hurrah! Take care!

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