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Jun 26, 2008



Thanks for such a great post. I have been looking forward to your advice :)
I've been following your blog for quite a while now, and I really enjoy how much you put into each post. Good luck with the new line, and congrats on your first showing at NSS.

Christine T.

Thanks for a great post! I have been waiting to read about your experiences at NSS, and I'm looking forward to the next posts. :)

Melissa de la Fuente

Wow! This is awesome Susy! I real gem for anyone trying to take part in the show. What alot of thought and time you put into it! You are awesome!


sooo much good info here, it's crazy! thanks so much for compiling this. i knew you were planning to do a recap and this does not disappoint. and two more parts to come?!


What an amazing entry! Thank you Suzy, so much of it applies to other bits in life- whether your at the show or setting up shop or even just a stall at the local market. Very helpful. Thank you, Liv x


Oh gosh darn it- sorry Susy. My boss is named Susy too but with a z. Habit! :)


Susy, I'm astonished how you made it to the show! I mean, I can't believe all the work involved in getting there. Though I'm not related to the paper-stationary world, I was very curious about the whole process of attending such a large event and you have made it really clear with this GREAT report. I know this might be a nerd compliment to give but, I think you are an excellent writer, not only in the sense of what you write (you do have a point), but how you do it. As a non-native speaker I have a "learning" approach to English texts, always studying how nouns, adverbs, prepositions are used, etc. and I can tell you DO write well. This is not common in the huge blog ocean. So, who knows if in the future our dear Susy jumps from paper goods to actually writing books? or magazine editing? ;)



thank you so much everyone!!
it took a while...but i wanted this to be organized...so that anyone thinking about doing it next year would get a really clear idea.

i'm really glad that people are enjoying reading this. that means a lot to me.

karen...thank you!!! you're a great writer, though...i had no idea that you are not a native english speaker! hm. if i could find a topic, i would think about doing a book, actually! i love to write, too. : )


Awesome information! I found it really interesting to read through, even though I'm not in the paper business. I'll have to apply some of what you've said to my booth when I go to a craft fair! Thanks so much!

People St. Clair

Thank you! This is such an informative and very thoughtful post. I appreciate you sharing your experience and helpful tips and hints for others who are thinking about attending NSS in the future.

jess gonacha

Wow, this is fantastic. It's so nice to hear about the show from the perspective of someone who participated for the first time. THANK YOU!!


Thank you for generously sharing your experience and practical advice. I have been considering attending the show as an exhibitor, now that I have seen it from a buyer's perspective this May. Your booth was definitely one of the memorable ones, and I enjoyed meeting you.

Alischa Herrmann

What a fabulous post! I am so green with enzy that here in Australia we don't have any fabulous shows like NSS. I've often thought about traveling to the US just to take part in one - imagine what a mammoth effort that would be to ship everything over! Even though, I would still love to be surrounded by such wonderful designers. I think it would be such an amazing learning experience.

Your post is such a valuable resource on all the behind the scenes work which is involved, it sounds like a long and busy journey, but a very exciting and sometimes fun one. Staying in a lovely hotel sounds like a definite must... Especially if I had flown for 21 hours from Australia :)

Thankyou for such a great post!


Thanks for such a well constructed post. I think a lot of stationers get caught up in the flash and hype of the show and are sometimes ill prepared for the absolute chaos that pre-show can throw you into. This is a great resource for new stationers or established stationers considering taking the big plunge.


thanks so much for the great post! really invaluable :)


Thank you for such a well informed and easy to understand breakdown of the show. Your honesty and helpful hints are invaluable.

Carrie S.

Thanks! Even though I'm currently preparing to show at the California Gift Show (not NSS) next week for the first time, this was really helpful and great information. I'm looking forward to your follow up posts!


Wow! Thank you so much for such an informative post, as well as the resources you've provided for advertising, quick online ecommerce, and ISSUU. I'll be exhibiting in the NSS show for the first time next year, and will definitely refer back to this.


You're welcome. I'm so glad you find it useful. I really enjoyed writing it...it's scary to do something for the first time...at least for me! So, I hope that this will help other people not to feel *quite* so anxious...but, to look forward to their first time at the show with excitement! xx susy

lush bella

useful is an understatement! so clear and full of info. thank you for sharing this with us all!


Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I have newly founded greeting card company and was hoping to get to the NSS show this year and looking for advice! This helped so much and I'm sure I'll keep checking back to remind myself of necessary preparations! Thanks again!

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