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Jul 28, 2008



Adorable! I like the smiley shots and I agree about the hands - that's a great thought. But I LOVE your outfit in the top shot - I'd love to see a combo of the top and bottom - something with more of your smiley face showing and your hands.

I know what you mean about people posting a million pics on themselves on their blogs. Mostly I think, "You have a million pictures of yourself that you actually *like*?" I probably have *one* from the last ten years that I would ever allow anyone to see without feeling like a total dork.

cindy k

i second persephone!


You guys are right. I'm *so* shy usually about smiling (i need to get braces again i think!) but i really like the eye contact.

The white shirt makes me look like a freaky poet! But, I like the hands.

I just realized how much my arm looks like a man-arm in that bottom one! it looks bony like a chicken wing! haha. well-- progress is definitely being made here. thank you so much for taking the time to look!! :)
xx ms. dorkums


ps. Persephone-- I know!
I am always IN AWE of how other people have so many good photos that they just can't pick from. I am satisfied if I don't look like a recovering meth addict...much less look "good" in mine. haha


Hi! I agree with you, i usually can´t stand blogs with people posting pics of themselves over and over again, that´s so narcissistic!
But this is completely different, i think we all should do it once at least, as a way to introduce ourselves and help people put a face to our names and work.
Concerning this pictures of you, personally i like you better in the jacket, that outfit is great! Also, maybe a sequence, instead of just one pic would be nice :]

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh, you cutie pie! :) These are great Sus and really capture you I think! I love the top left one just for your purposes myself but, the bottom right is great too. So fantastic! You are adorable!


My favorite (inserts two cents) is the first of the series though they are all lovely...(and that belt! love it)


Your outfit is great, that belt looks so gorgeous! As for the pics I pick the first one (top left). I feel you look by far more self-confident and really satisfied with your work. I even imagine a child of your own you are looking at. Though I really like the relaxed feeling of the second one (top right) I'm just concerned about those kind of advices of not touching your hair because it means nervousness, you know, avoid doing that during interviews or dates. Am I sounding like a crappy life coach? hahaha Susy, anyone of those lovely pictures would make a perfect fit for your press kit.

So nice to meet you!


I like both of your picks but I think the one with hands included captures how friendly and approachable you are in person. Do love the other outfit though :)!!

Carol Saha

Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration to me. My fave picture was the bottom right. But they all looked good.


Thank you so much everybody!!

This has been REALLY helpful (I am kind of shy about how I look in pictures).

But-- what I'm learning, and very happily so, is that I don't *need* to look like a perfect model to convey what I want to convey about myself (to myself?)...that I just want to look happy and intelligent.

So...I'm glad that is coming across, and I feel really pleased and comforted that you all took the time to comment. For those of you who have met me, I don't act shy...but I am actually pretty shy. : ) xx sus

joanna goddard

so cute! choose them all!


I think you look great and superstylish!


Eccentricity is beauty! You are gorgeous. Your pictures made me smile. i'm a girl with a prominent nose, freckled skin and bad hair.
My dad used to tell me your nose is a sign of intelligence...well dad, it doesn't help with pictures...
these pictures of you are awesome...all of them!


thank you so much asa!!
i totally agree...i'm much more inspired by the beauty of women who have the courage to be real (Chrissie Hynde, Patti Smyth)-- than with looking 'Perfect'. Now, for the rest of America to catch up with us! xx

Orange Pattern

I love these! Too friggin' cute.

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