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Jul 03, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

Oh, Yippeee! Have a wonderful time at the lake Sus!
Your look book is FANTASTIC! I love it.
What alot of hard work and it paid off!


Thanks so much for posting this site! What a wonderful idea for your catalog. It looks fantastic! Congrats on your business... everything seems to be coming together so well.


hi!! thank you so much melissa! :)

and sarah- you're very welcome...I know. when I found it, I couldn't believe how useful it could be for someone like me-- i mean, I don't have a huge budget for catalogs, since it's my first year...and, i tend to do much of my promoting online-- so, for me, it's pretty perfect! I'm glad you like the catalog...it's hard to tell what's happening if you're writing, designing...photographing...everything yourself. : )


That is so cool! Have a great weekend at the lake:)


I LOVE issuu! I used it for a newsletter a month or so ago, and it's been great!


yes-- it's definitely a good service. i'm really enjoying it so far. i am still a little in shock that it's free!

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