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Jul 14, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

Now I am incredibly hungry...and I just ate! :)

Jessie Cacciola

i am a HUGE fan of bread & honey as well. and thanks for introducing me to Francine's work -- it's amazing! i'm a real sucker for good food photography. :)


Thank you so much for linking to my sites. You are such an inspiration! I am quite glad you enjoy them.


hey, this is awesome! i am so flattered to be compared to someone like francine.


ladies...it was my pleasure!
actually, i'm trying to get more culinary, so i'm spending a lot of time on B+H lately...looking for things to try making!

...i keep leaning towards dessert and cheese!!


so funny, i have worked with Francine too and I just recommended her to someone today... and here she is! her work is so lovely...


hey! yes-- i worked with her when i was in boston working at korn design (this was a few years ago) she did gorgeous photos for rosie's place, and also for henrietta's table restaurant...to name a few. she was inspiring, and fantastic. it's nice to think you have worked with her, too!! :)

it is a small world...sometimes!

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