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Sep 22, 2008



These are so stunning. Susy, you are a wonder.

Melissa de la Fuente

Wow...I love these..and I want to see the bag of which you speak! :)
As always, you put it SO well...


It's weird...I saw these and I thought...hey, that's something really new.

Although I like the fun style of doodly stuff...these just seemed...I don't know...different-- I like that they are a little bit emotional...less cute.

I'm really happy you guys like them...Melis, I'll try and get a pic of that bag-- been meaning to get down the street and document it for posterity. have sore throat today...so it might be tomorrow. xo!

maryam in marrakech

sigh...your pick. What if one *needed* to purchase?


hey maryam! ...i don't know exactly!! but...you could send an inquiry to the artist--

maybe she'd be able to provide for your need! : )


oh wow... what a YUMMMMY post. i'm catching up on my blogs, so forgive the late comment! have missed popping over here for some inspiration! you have such a great eye :)


Love all the florals and the updated design...love your blog!

meandering pearl

how gorgeous!!!

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