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Sep 17, 2008



I have a thing for textures. They really can make a piece! I love the linen looking item in this entry...and the wool...and the flower...ok, I love everything (:


Love the colors!

Melissa de la Fuente

These are gorgeous and I am so with you.....These bright pops of color with the natural rough hewn objects keeping them grounded. I love it!

sherry truitt

They are my kind of colors too, like early fall. Not too deep, but like jewels.


hey everybody!
i'm so happy to hear you like these as much as i do... katelyn...totally with you on the linen. i have a huge craving for linen lately! i'm coveting a big roll of artist's linen...it's pricey...but it would be so much fun to play with...


Oh yes! Lovely colors. I can not get enough of mustard yellow in combination with turqoise and brown. It's all over my place now and I want more, more, more.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Very inspiring and so good looking :-)


thanks so much claudia!!
i know...if i could convince my boyfriend to incorporate more turquoise and fuschia into our place decorwise i'd be a very happy lady...i am working on him. ;)

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