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Sep 12, 2008


People St. Clair

Thank you for this post. I have been in love with MOR's packaging for such a long time. I'm always in awe of the designs. Soo lovely.


The yellow and black soap packaging: died. gone to heaven.


I swear sometimes, I live in a hole...I had never seen it before a designer friend told be about it this morning! ...but seriously, they could do SO much more with their website and styling...kind of weird since they're so careful with their products!

Melissa de la Fuente

wow...these are fabulous...and you, my friend, are awesome at description.

Alischa - Bespoke Press

Mor has the most BEAUTIFUL packaging!! You can buy them here at David Jones - I drool everytime i see them!


and believe it or not but their soap smells and feels just as great as they look...


it's so good to know that their product is just as nice as the package...i always worry that maybe extra nice packaging will pull the wool over my eyes! : )

i think a treat is in order...maybe a bar of soap...


Mor does have amazing packaging and scents, this is a great variety of their products! Thanks for the great post, I have to find the lipgloss!

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