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Sep 09, 2008



even though i can't quite tell what it is, i'm intrigued by what you've got going on on the left up there...


Looks wonderful. I make art paper covered "paper clips" like that. paper and glue can be hard to deal with. Such fun, though.


Susy, don't give up! You're definitely onto something here and I'm sure you'll have it down to a science really really soon!


These are so beautiful! Happiness is a gluestick. And a glue gun. And spray adhesive.


thanks you guys...
I had a *minor* success the other night...Kurt is going to kill me though, if I keep saying the word 'decoupage'.

Rifferaff-- they're trays-and-paperweights-to-be...that is...if I can get them right!


oops-- Marichelle- I forgot to mention how great your interview is over at Melissa's!!

Melissa de la Fuente

I love these Sus! If I can't get too excited I CAN keep my fingers crossed right?! :)

Miss B.

Susy, just saw this from a link at Melissa's blog. I may have some advice for you on the paperweights, email me. xo, tristan

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