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Sep 02, 2008



Well said, Susy! I've thought the same thing now that I'm staying in Stockholm. Sometimes the good-looking and perfectly pulled-together people walking down the streets are just overwhelming. And I don't think it's a budget issue. I'm sure you'd stay the (much more) same styled Susy even if you had the money to go fashion crazy. There's something empowering in knowing you are actually designing and (well, slightly) influencing all these people's choices.


I agree 100%. My personal spending has dropped dramatically and is only for essentials. I use to use shopping as therapy to make up for a crumby week at work. I do feel that the choice of working for yourself is so much more rewarding.


i'm so glad this post was interesting to both of you. i felt a little weird posting it...but this really has been on my mind lately...i guess i've been looking at all the new fall clothes...and so it's been really on my mind, how to control my spending so i can do what i really love.

maybe i'll try only buying things that i really love and know will last-- that way, i'll feel like i look okay without worrying that my clothes are going to fall apart if i wear them all the time!


Love both of the looks!! Fabulous!


Now if only I could get as skinny as those girls...(:

I agree, not that my business is huge or anything, I'm just starting out, but it's already helped me to be more confidant. I feel like I'm giving something to the world, actually doing something, which really really helps me feel better about myself!

I just LOVE that first outfit, I really need to find skinny jeans that look good on me. And boots. Love those boots. They're going to be a must this year for me, slouches.

Amy Williams

I totally agree with everything you said! Crazy, my husband and I decided to start our own business 2 years ago, as we really thought about our lives ( second marriages for both ) and how and what we want it to be about.
After years in the fashion/retail industry and some really high paying jobs, my lifestyle was all about stuff...without realizing it until much later, that was all that it was becoming about...

Fast forward, I realize that what I want and truly need is so simple,
a loving husband, our kids, a baby that we make and raise together, a simple home that reflects all who live in, laughs, good friends, family, trips to the farmers market..I could go on. Recently, finding all of the creative and confident people that are out in the blog world, I truly get a daily dose of all kinds of inspiration from those I follow.

Last, to Madewell. A ton of old friends work at J Crew and I recently went into Madewell. As a girl with a fixed budget I was shocked by the cute, stylish and confident items that they had...A jacket, a top, and 2 slub jersey tees and believe it or not ( after 14 years of working there and barely any product in my closet ) 3 cute and stylish things from the Gap. all this for $450 bucks and my ardrobe is transformed..

In any case, a long winded way of saying I agree and CONGRATS on doing your own thing.
It is totally worth it..

Melissa de la Fuente

Yes,yes,yes....well said and I agree. These looks are lovely, simple and stylish. Nobody needs to break the bank to look good! :)


Making something is the BEST feeling ever! The most stylish girl I know buys are her clothes at thrift stores and is broke as a joke. Yet she always looks like she stepped out of a Vogue shoot.


I agree. And with having to scrimp myself, I understand what you mean. All you need is a little inspiration, like from Madewell's looks. You can easily find pieces like that for next to nothing, if you looked for them. Just takes a bit of searching and thriftiness!


daaaaang you guys! you really had a lot to say on this topic! and i had felt sort of bad not putting a lot of photos to go with the thought...

it's good to know i'm not alone! i always feel kind of pleased with myself when i don't immediately buy into a trend...and remember that i'm creative, and that what counts, so it makes me happy to know that other people get that feeling too. s


I'm constantly looking at clothes and accessories. It is really difficult to trim what I buy. I try to think about what I am losing if I buy that beautiful new clutch or jeans…I've found that I gain peace of mind (less credit worries) and I get creative with what I have – which is much more than a sane person should have. I dont want to be a piggy...a well dressed piggy :)


Wow, can I relate to that post! I've been a small business owner for just over a year now, and although rewarding, it can be a struggle. I have the same fashion/regular haircut dilemma you mention, and being in a creative profession, I feel extra slouchy when I can't find anything interesting to wear anymore. Great post, and great outfits!

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