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Oct 03, 2008



I think I know what you mean.

Melissa de la Fuente

ah...too true, too true....


I think I know what you mean, too. I mean, what was with Biden's forehead? Is botox really that prevalent?


Well, Elle, I hadn't really thought about Joe Biden's forehead til now, I was too busy listening to what he was saying about the economy, the war(s), and global warming.

I think you can tell that from what I wrote below the quote, too, but maybe not.

My @ tha Hotness

I agree with the quote. I also with your statement in response to Elle's comment. I was too busy listening what he was saying and I must say that many people have not been listening to the real issues. That is all.


So, in reference to your response to Elle's comment, you were too focused on Palin's beauty to listen to what she was saying? That's pretty shallow.


No, actually neither Sarah Palin nor Joe Biden were mentioned in the original post, Elle chose to interpret that.

But, I did watch the entire debate, and listen to both candidates. As a woman, I gave Sarah Palin my full attention, because I feel that although I may or may not disagree or agree with her, I wanted to hear what she had to say.

This post was not intended to stir up anger, I write my blog to inspire creative thinking, and to keep a record of my thoughts. I think you can tell that by what I wrote below the post.

But maybe not.

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