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Oct 20, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

These are so appealing all together! I love it!
I want you to know that I hunted down and bought a "lipstick queen" lipstick after seeing the post yesterday! :) Ohhh! The POWER! :)


I'd certainly be interested in hearing about the accounting software! :) Love the scrap packs...very nice!


Very cool paper! I've figured out why I don't scrap...I can't bring myself to cut the paper!


Hey guys!
...waterrose, you are so funny. but, i know exactly what you mean!

...and i'll get my accounting stuff going and make sure to post about my findings. it's complicated...but I'm determined!

Gabrielle Krake

I love these, I bought one right away. I have trays of paper that I cannot cut. And when I finally find the perfect use for a favorite paper, I wish I had bought more than one sheet. :)



Hey Gabrielle!
I sent it out on Tuesday...it should be there soon! ; )

...I always have stuff I *can't* use...my worst offense is cute little bars of decorative soap. I always feel awful starting to use them... but then, I feel bad *not* using them...like I"m not letting them have a purpose! God, I'm such an animist. xx s

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