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Oct 29, 2008



Oh my! Those reddish/orange shoes are absolutely amazing! I'm a little scared to click over and find out how much $$$ they would set me back!
I love your fashion related posts... you have such excellent taste!


Hey Sarah!
Oh god, you're so right. I have this total weakness for really high-end stuff...and I can't afford a stitch of it.

The thing is...I know I could post about cheaper versions of each of these...but somehow...these high-end ones just look like works of art, and I can't resist...

It's so sad...but I have a 'Trickle Down' theory for this stuff...like, I"m going to see it at Barneys...and then, finally, in H+M. : )

design lovely

That bracelet is gorgeous!

melissa de la Fuente

That cuff! Those grey pumps! That violet dress.....yum.
swoon. thank you. :)


i am LOVING that purple dress! i was just at H&M costume shopping last week and saw a ruffly one that was similar (though not nearly as fantastic). i may have to go back and get it...


hey all! so happy you like these...cassandra...guess i better get over to h+m, huh? i love that you costume shop there! :) btw, your costume was adorable!! i saw it on your blog.

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