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Oct 07, 2008



These are beautiful and feeding my lifelong obsession with chandeliers. I once backpacked through the Middle East with two HUGE vintage glass chandeliers. Not very practical, but I had to have them. I can't live without light and sparkle!



That is the MOST romantic image ever....girl backpacks across desert with chandeliers. It's like the english patient...of decorating!

If you ever want to have a wonderful experience, go into the 'Chandelier Room' of a Home Expo (it's the "classy" version of Home Depot) Anyway... at the one I went in, in the back of the lighting department was a room (about 20 x 20) with shiny gold walls that was filled with all sorts of crystal chandeliers...all turned on.

I told my boyfriend I want to die there... I really do.


It seems like the new thing is to have chandeliers on everything - I'm totally in love with it - all of it! The ones you spotlighted are lovely.

I never knew I was a chandelier person until fairly recently. Now my heart tends to beat a bit faster when I see one. I'm going to have to go to the Home Expo!

Melissa de la Fuente

OMG. These are real? I thought they were drawings when I first saw them....I am deeply in love. Wow....thank you for introducing me to her Sus! Just magical.


I thought they were drawings too!!

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