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Nov 24, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

hee hee ha ha! You are adorable hun! I love these picks and love that you work so hard to make your beautiful business work!
ps you are inspiring!


are you sure you get that much glory? that wedge seems a little large for me. . . ha ha, a truer pie chart has never been charted.


haha-- avie, now that i think about it, i may have to cut my glory slice in half and share with 'freaking out' and 'hiding' haha.

Orange Pattern

Hahaha. Love this! I'm writing a biz plan right now and can appreciate your pie chart! Great post...


couldn't get the link to the booth pics to work (?) - but can't WAIT 'cuz my grrlfriends & i will be in NYC (from portland, or) the week before x-mas and i put "mixed, booth #co3 - bryant park holiday shops" on our extensive ToDo list.
can't wait to come see all the goodies!


oooops! i fixed it. it's on my flickr page here:


Kara, it would be great if you stopped by! If I am there, make sure and introduce yourself! It would be so much fun to meet you! s


For me, you are are "that gal" with the better, more fulfilling, more positive, and just generally more impressive life! I greatly enjoy you're blog.


thanks heather ; ) but...if you could see me most days...filling orders in my nightgown, ancient yoga pants and polar fleece...you'd probably change your opinion!

...and, definitely if you could have seen us finishing up the booth you would have called Mental Health Services to cart us all away.

I'm really happy you like the blog. I try and make it fun to read...but with one foot in reality! xxo s


these days it seems as if the glory pie should be a bit smaller.


Oh that cracked me up, since it is soooo true. We just did a home and garden show and not only the set-up and take-down, but the long hours of standing and talking and showing! Luckily I love talking to people so that was fun, but by the end of each day my feet and ankles were killing me! So along with all of the glamour...goes the work.

joanna goddard

i LOVE that graph!

laurel denise

oh susy. this is too true. just too true. i hope you're staying warm this week! i'll see you next week. xoxo, laurel

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