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Nov 19, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

Ohboy,ohboy! I can't wait! Can I come and keep you company again? Please? :)


I love those arrows with the notebooks - it's the ultimate little something gift.


cute cute!!! i just stumbled upon your blog and i love it!


Hey all! Thank you!

Anyway-- I have been SO busy. This booth is a killer. An absolute killer. We have SO much left to do-- and I don't know if we will be ready by Saturday...but we're gonna try. I'm really happy you like the new items...that makes my (stressed out, freezing, ikea-constructing) day!! love, s

joanna goddard

very cute! have a great weekend, xo


hooray! so exciting! are you going to be there everyday (in person)? i will have to sneak out of work and come visit! *c


Hi everyone--
I will be there Tuesday afternoon around 3:30 and into the evening. Then, again over Thanksgiving. I don't work every day....but crissy-- I'll let you know when I'm going to be there in an email. I can't wait to see you! S

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