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Nov 12, 2008



OK, for some reason the words "Japanese art of yarn balls" made me collapse into a fit of giggles. I think I'm feeling a bit punchy.

(These are really pretty, though.)

P.S. Loved your baguette post. I always feel about a thousand times more sophisticated and chic with a baguette. Best accessory ever.


Hey P, y'know...I call it like I see it!

you're so right...somehow just saying "Yarn Balls" makes me laugh!

...but then again...I can't even handle the word 'navel'. Yeah. 33 years baby!

Melissa de la Fuente

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!


You weren't the last one, I just heard! I adore them!


OH, this is funny...go take a look at my blog. I love tamari too.


i just hear it fresh from you!!! these are wonderful :)


Wonderful! When I opened your site I just about fell off my chair laughing.


Ahh! You know our surprise-ball ( http://kioskkiosk.com/c/101/p/865/Surprise_Ball ) is a modern Temari. I realized when I read the description on our friends blog: http://threads.srithreads.com/2008/09/18/antique-temari/

Our site doesn't show when the ball gets opened but it's the greatest thing on earth to find all the little trinkets rolled within the layers of the ball...


oh, that is so cool, marco! I saw it in your web shop, and it reminded me of one-- but I wasn't sure if that was what inspired it!

It would be great to make your own, personal temari...like, to bring in your favorite items, and make them for a friend.

By the way, I can't wait to visit Kiosk...I have to make it through xmas first because I am swamped with orders...but when I am free to take time out, I will definitely be coming in...and I can't wait.


Oh! My beau's mom makes us one every year. Exquisite. I think we have 7 or 8 or so. Swoon.


Yeah, making one for someone is ultimate love:) Hear you about the x-mas stress - life is too short. Do come by when you can - it's always fun to meet in real life:) But since I won't see you until next year - merry xmas!


Thanks for the pics and links!

Hawk & Weasel

I'm just about to make some. Perhaps not as complicated as these thoug...;)

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