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Nov 11, 2008



hahaha, I LOVE your baguette-therapy. so true. I love buying loaves from the bakery and when I see people I always think ( and hope they think about me) 'wow, fancy dinner party? intimate romantic dinner? bohemian wine, bread and cheese party? I wish I had plans that needed bread!".


Definitely! Me too! haha!
You're so right...I think the same thing!! like...'picnic?...fondue?? maybe just...french?'


Ah, in my poorest days just after college I would come home from the Portland Farmer's Market with a baguette, the teensiest wedge of artisan cheese, and a few fresh tomatoes (total cost under $7 - jealous glances at my baguette from fellow train riders, priceless!). Add in some of the shmancey olive oil I already had and put some Edith Piaf on the stereo - et viola! Suddenly I was a chic Parisian girl, not an unemployed just-out-of-college kid. And my girlfriends would come over with a bottle of wine and think i was soooo sophisticated! Just because money is tight doesn't mean we have to lose our style.....


Amen! I know...I love having that baguette poking sassily out from my grocery bag...or, if I'm feeling especially feisty...I'll just carry it right under my arm!! But, it takes a really desperate day for a fancy move like that! haha.

Melissa de la Fuente

gorgeous and perfect image my friend! I love this idea and I think that striped shirt needs to go on your wish list! :)


Yeah, I *used* to think that kind of thing about baguette-carriers, but now I'm going to think "heysusy reader."

I love the colors in that image - the cool and the warm. Why do they work so well together? Same "level," if that means what I think it means?


Great post. So true about the baguettes!

Design Lovely

Fabulous Finds! I especially love those bracelets. Very cool.


haha, i love this idea. the next time i am feeling poor and down, i am going to spring for a baguette! i also have to say that i am in love with that striped sweater... so simple and perfect!


Yes...I think all of the items work because they are neutral and earthy-- and in my opinion, those are the items that can get old, the best! Even when they are worn, they still look great.

I am totally buying a baguette this weekend. I think I'll probably have it with jam. Is that allowed?

jennifer ramos

Hi Susy,
I just bought two pairs of Steve Madden boots which i LOVE...like those too...didnt see them before!

Jen Ramos
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