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Dec 08, 2008


Melissa Brown

Wow... those are amazing photos of the lace...just gorgeous.
The booth was absolutely beautiful honey, stunning really. We were SO sorry to miss you but, felt your presence! And I bought a giant desk clip for Joel(shhh.....don't tell! ) :)
Talk to you soon sweetie!

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lovely pic!


Those photographs are stunning!!


Hello. I've stumbled upon your blog by way of etsy. I visited your space in Bryant Park last weekend (and accidentally came across you this evening online). Your designs are beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I immediately clicked to Carl Kleiner's website & fell in love with his umbrella photos.


Hey Stephanie! How funny! Yes...it's such a small world...I'm so happy you were by the booth!

I'm really glad you like the umbrellas and these-- I love the one of the person spinning the umbrella-- it's so great how you can't tell what it is until seeing the others in the series.

Thank you so much for commenting. I really appreciate it! xx sus

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