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Dec 16, 2008


Orange Pattern

I agree! Especially with your pick. And especially with that top...


Yeah, it looks comfortable! But still gorgeous. That's what I'm going for these days...(well, I have the 'comfortable' part down, so far!)

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh me too, me too! Firstly, I think you need to come into some millions so we can all see what you would do with it wardrobe wise! I like to imagine you would wow us repeatedly! :) Secondly, I am loving those two looks on the right....quite alot actually! Yum.


Ha. Yeah. I do! I'm working on that one!! ;)

and...first, it would have to be spent on a haircut. i look like a wooly mammoth on crack right now... hiding!



I too need more pants in my life, I always opt for the jeans. Your pick is my pick.


Hey Sarah...yes, I have this image printed out and come spring...I'm going to try and make my own version at TJ Maxx ;)

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