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Jan 27, 2009



Kurtle is the bomb-diggity. His interview is so lovely - he loves you so much! What a good boy. Also, mac and cheese. He didn't mention that, but I think it's a very good quality.

Also also: his pictures are beautiful.

daisy janie

What an adorable way to learn more about you - via the person who knows you best! I kept thinking, "what my husband say to this or that..."


Cool photos, is he using a Holga? What a sweet idea, BTW~!!


Hey Gabrielle!

Yes, he uses a holga (I bought it for him for xmas last year), I love seeing how a scene you remember one way gets interpreted in a totally different way through the lens of a Holga.

Melissa Brown

Aww....I cannot wait to read this! On my way right now! But, first I want to say....how awesome are Kurt's photos? I love them and you look adorable in the last one hun!
YAY Kurt! :)


oh my gosh, that was so wonderful! what a great idea, and so cool that kurt got to be interviewed! go team! *c

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