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Jan 19, 2009



FLICKR OUTLAW! On the run from the Flickr Feds!

I love this camera. Someone could make a toilet plunger out of clay and I would love it.

Melissa Brown

Just beautiful.....and I love what looks like sand dusting it....is that on it I wonder or just for the shot? Either way, I love it....
I don't understand, why are you in trouble with flickr? :( Do I need to talk to some people for you? :)
ps did you see that your day of the week clips were on page 30 of family circle?


Sigh. No...it is too late to save my account. It was completely, irrevocably deleted.

I will survive. And I will never be sorry for what I did!!! Oh yeah??? Take that Flickr!


I think this camera is awesome! Too bad about flickr, but I thought P. was pretty funny.


This is very nice. I've always wanted a Diana, now I want a Designer Diana...sigh, the endless wish list.


I know...so right! We (well my boyfriend) has a Holga and he loves it. I always think of the Diana as the Holga's prettier sister...but, I'm loyal to the underdog, so I'll stick with the funny, awkward Holga. Although it's not as beautiful...it takes such wonderful pictures.

Using a plastic camera is great, because they're so light and durable...and I love the weird lens effects. :)


this cracks me up! mourning your deleted account, but love your honesty! and i love, love, love the camera!!

Emma ::emmas designblogg::

What exactly did you do to piss the flickr people off? I don't get it... Maybe it would be good to know, so noone else makes the same mistake unknowingly.


Hello Sweet Emma!
You're so smart for asking! I should have gone into greater detail.

So, what I *think* I did, was host my 'add to cart' button for my shop there by accident...and so, when my shopping website needed that image, it would grab it from my flickr photos...

I'm pretty sure that is what it was-- and although I meant to replace it with a better link, I forgot. :)

Specifically...from this page
If you go down to the 'What not to do' section'...I think I disobeyed the 7th and/or 8th rules here...or maybe the first, seeing as I often posted my blog's images...but they were always the more collage-y ones, so I'm not sure! I wouldn't worry...I think I was pretty eggregious. : )

Miss Fruitfly

I love your honesty. Rebel Rebel

hello, friend.

you are taking is so well!
i'd be pretty upset/bummed/mad/crazy/sad:
if my flickr account got deleted.

but wonderful post on the camera.
so much inspiration. hope you don't mind me using it on my blog!
have a lovely day!


Hi...yes, I don't really get upset about stuff like that...easy come, easy go. : )

oh--The camera is by Dorophy Tang! It is not by me :)

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