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Jan 21, 2009


Melissa Brown

You are just too cute....:) Ah, these are just beautiful....I love your translation of your inspiration....and those pearls! That dress with the ribbons......I am in love.


Hi Sweetness!
I think that style of shirt and necklace would look great on you, actually! They are the kinds of colors that you look really good in...and I think they'd look really pretty with your curly hair! :)

Melissa Brown

Ahh...thank you darling! If only I had a couple of extra "thou" lying around! So, I hope you are ok with the whole flickr thing....I didn't really understand what happened but, it seemed severe to me. *sigh* Are you going to the IGF next week? Did I ask you that already? :)


You're welcome-- I know. I wish I had the clams to have the style I crave daily. Maybe I'll find something sort of similar at Daffy's one day. :)

I'm not upset about Flickr...it's too bad for me. But it was my own fault trying to use them as a server.

May or may not go to the IGF...you? Marichelle? I'd go just to see you guys. let me know! (sorry to use the comment space here as an email surrogate!!)


Brittany Noel

Great post. Helen's work is beautiful. And these finds are great!


i wish i looked like that when i painted :)


Wow. Elizabeth...your work is absolutely gorgeous. (It's a little-known fact that I have a BFA in painting)...I love that you work abstractly-- these days, it's so rare. That's my favorite way to work, too. In my opinion, it is more difficult.

heather smith jones

She is so lovely in that photo, like a gazelle. I love the idea of wearing a painting of washes. Your picks here was very inspiring!

darling dexter

I love the clothing above --definitely things to wear in moderation but oh so lovely :)


The brushstrokes are great!! So inspiring; thanks!


This makes me want to grab up a bottle of dye and a big swooshy paintbrush!

btw...I nominated you for a kreativ blogger award: http://quidessential.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/the-kbas/


susy - thanks so much! i really appreciate it. i just came across this comment as i was going through your older posts...
am loving your blog these days. do you still paint?

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