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Jan 29, 2009



I don't think there is any need for conflict. The pink boots don't look as though you have stuck your leg down the throat of a mongoose. They are very cute.


It's more the idea that I don't want to support a company that can make even those with the highest arches look like they're schlubbing around. But, perhaps you are right.

But...I also have a real aversion to buying anything pink. It's a double whammy! :)

Melissa Brown

I adore that print! Lovely, just lovely!

Rebecca Rebouche

darling suzy.
thanks for including me in your post. i love the pairing of my cloud lids piece with the rain boots! that does make a rainy day more bearable.
i subscribed to your feed. glad to discover your blog.

keep checkin in on me when you can: http://rebeccarebouche.blogspot.com/



Oh Suzy, that Rebecca Rebouche print is fantastic!


I'm so glad you all like the print. Rebecca, you are wonderfully talented, and I love your simple, thoughtful work.

Susie Davis

I've been searching all morning for neat blogs and great stationery sites to see my competitors. I adore this print. So unusual and fun.
Thanks for a pretty blog!

Brittany Noel

I love those grey boots!


Hey Brittany-- I am pretty sure those are by Sperry (The people that make Topsiders!) :) I love them too.


That print put the biggest smile on my face. I've been struggling to find good rainboots to wear out and about in nyc too.


love the boots on the left! where o where did you find these?!


They're by Sperry -- I think they have them at zappos...but I can't remember exactly...! oops.


I have the teal boots, love them!

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