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Jan 20, 2009


Melissa Brown

I hear you.....I am not one for crowds but, today would be the day if any...
So fantastic! I love these photographs above...just beautiful. Thanks for sharing them hun!

heather smith jones

I agree with you, these photographs do have an afternoon light quality; thank you for the intro to this artist. i hope you'll share your experience of Times Square watching the inauguration!

Brittany Noel

Wow, what a great photographer!

I watched the inauguration on a projector in our classroom. Not nearly as fantastic as Times Square!


Oh...I'm such a slacker and a dissappointer! I didn't make it. I got stuck here under a pile of clothespins making 'day of the week clips' til my fingers bled.

Although i did watch it on TV-- and I was actually glad because I really enjoyed hearing the speech in detail. My boyfriend had Jury Duty and he got sent home early-- so we were able to watch together, over Egg Salad Sammies.

heather smith jones

Jury duty? uggh. What a day to have jury duty!

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