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Jan 07, 2009


Melissa Brown

This is awesome! As usual, you have taught me things I didn't know!
Thank you my dear!


Thanks so much... I feel really strongly about this topic, and although I know I should probably resist being over-intellectual on my blog, I just had to, this time.... xx


I love this post. I like it when you get all intellectual n' styles.

I learned the hard way, after the most excruciating branding process ever, that the way forward is a simple, clean, elegant logo in one color. We have a GRADIENT for god's sake. Pray for me.


I always feel like a weirdo when I get intellectual. But, the truth is, it's pretty much the core of my personality. That, and bacon grease!

Thank you for indulging me... s


What a smart post!


Thanks Janine! Coming from you, that is a very nice compliment!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I have been thinking around this for a while...like...a couple of years! And, it felt good to finally condense some of my thoughts : )

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