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Jan 23, 2009



this work is fantastic! thanks for the find. i might have to pick up one of his (unbelievably well-priced) pieces.

Melissa Brown

Super cool and once again you have put into words what I never could....
Have a fantastic weekend my dear!


Electric. I love it.

Nice piece in the Storque yesterday!


Thanks for this post! My husband and I are planning a big move in the summer, and I'm looking forward to having a real house or apartment to decorate (no more student housing - yay!!). I really want to find some beautiful, innovate pieces of art for our new place, and I'll definitely keep Joe Ryckebosch's work in mind.


I'm so glad you all enjoyed this work. I thought it was really outstanding too. And yes-- the items in his etsy store do seem really, really affordable!


Im drawn more to the up and coming piece. I like the vibrant colors, but wonder if the background is to bright for the foreground subject? I find my eye drawn to the outside colors rather than the stork...or maybe that was the designers intention?

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