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Jan 26, 2009



Oh my God, that soap brings back incredible memories of being seventeen and hanging out in the art studio at school. Major flashback. Maybe I should start taking classes again...

Melissa Brown

Oh wow.....I adore these colors and this is THE best outfit yet! Love,love!
Thank you for the inspiration hun!


I'm really loving Etsy's new artistic endeavors series, such fantastic finds!


Susy, you're so right. We lack some real artistic/bohemian life out there, like more real commitment, not just there for the hype. And your comment about photographed lattes made me laugh so hard! So trueeeeee hahahahaha!

Account Deleted

that painting is so dramatic and compelling.

People St. Clair

The Dress, bangles and handbag are fabulous. The painting is amazing. Oh I nominated you for a blog luv award, visit my site to be loved http://allprettylittlethings.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-am-luved_27.html


Thank you so much everyone! I'm really happy you liked this post as much as I liked writing it....I'm basically obsessed with that painting!

ps. People! Thank you so, so much!!

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