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Jan 05, 2009


The Butter Flying

Beautiful blog!
Happy 2009!


thank you so much! i'm really glad you like it. happy new year (hurray, it's finally here!)


Awesome! I have the perfect place to hang these, just no budget to do it! :) How are you?!? Happy New Year!


Hi Sweet Gabrielle!

Happy new year to you, too. I'm very well...but really pretty exhausted from the holidays...still, the new year is my favorite time of year so I am doing very, very well.

I hope you and yours are well, happy and healthy too. xx

Melissa Brown

Love! These are so great....I keep kicking myself for not buying one of their whale prints when I had the chance!


hey girlie! it was so so wonderful to see you on friday, and i'll write or call to gush more. :)

i love the whales too. their shapes are adorable, and so playful. xx

cat burns

I adore this and this style.

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