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Feb 13, 2009


Melissa Brown

Oh, how wonderful and beautiful! It looks like a magical place and what wonderful work you all did! You are so talented my dear...
have a great weekend!

Designers' Brew

wow, that is a gorgeous collection of images... nice work, to you and everybody who worked on it!

Brittany Noel

Wow, I'm really impressed. The website is beautiful. Congratulations to you and your team for creating such a beautiful atmosphere online!

I'd like to post some of the gallery photos on my blog. Is that alright? Of course, I would provide links to the website and everything :)

Thanks for giving us a peek into the rest of what you do!


Hi Brittany--

Feel free! It would be best to mention that the project is a Korn Design / Champalimaud project, and link to their sites--or to Charym-- because they are the creative directors, and the leads on the project-- I was engaged on a freelance basis :)

so glad you like these...I am really happy to hear it!

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