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Feb 16, 2009


Melissa Brown

I hope you have a wonderful trip hun! I love these beautiful picks and am off to check out their site right now! We will miss you!


I walked in to APC in LA yesterday and, for just a moment, I thought: why can't I just have one of everything?

Bonbon Oiseau

have a great trip susy and thanks for the eye candy. love!

Brittany Noel

Those two dresses are perfect! I love the sleeveless one and would wear it every day always! have fun in Florida!


Love your picks...


me too. I'll take one of each! ...in my dreams. :)


thank you my sweet tweet. I can't wait to hear about *your* trip! oh la la.

Tamara ModernGear TV

I do LOVE those dresses, but why can I not find them on the web site? I might just be a wee bit blind, it did occur to me...but if anyone can find them and feels like leading me, I would love it.

And Hey Susy, what a blog this beauty of yours is. It was recommended to me by a graphic designer friend yesterday. I've been salivating over it since. Beautiful!

A fellow blogger,

Tamara from ModernGearTV.com (site sadly ignored while I work as a magazine editor)


Hey Tamara-- I know...their site makes it hard to find the items! When you get to the page that shows all the 'looks'...just click on the items on the list to the right, and a catalog page with available patterns and sizes pops up, where you can purchase items.

So glad you like the blog. I'm always so happy to find out that designers and editors are enjoying it...because they can be a tough crowd!! Very discerning!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. : )

ModernGearTV Tamara

Hi there! And thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog!

I must honestly be blind, I simply cannot find the pink shirtdress on the left! Silly me. But it's okay because I can't buy it anyway!



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