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Feb 11, 2009



Love the stripey one espesh.

Poor Kurtle. I hope he feels better soon. Just say the work "élan" over and over while wearing something stripey. That will improve his condition.


You are a genius.
here i go.

hey-- I'm SO glad you like the work élan! That was in there just for you. Really.

bonbon oiseau

so pretty and soft and feminina!

Brittany Noel

Love that Rene Grau poster.


definitely inspiring - but little hint, Rene was a guy - i guess his love of the female form helped him to make his amazing creations...
love your blog by the way, it's in my list of faves on mine


whoops. thanks fifi!

fixed. :)

Melissa Brown

ooh! Fab...I especially love that Christian Dior one! Beautiful!
your first mate


These are great - they look like they could be vintage - lovely!


Actually, they are vintage-- he was working during the New Look and on through the 20th Century-- I believe he is now deceased.

wide open spaces

oh my goodness. i would frame the Dior one.

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