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Feb 02, 2009


Miss Modish

oh yes, these are all GORGEOUS! Love love love them. Thanks for giving me more to covet in my indebted status. Dang!


Hey Jena!
I know... here's my strategy: keep these in mind when I'm looking through the old lady dresses and blouses in Salvation Army. :)

Brittany Noel

Oh wow, I love these! The red dress and the black blouse are definitely sticking out to me. I need more belts!


I did a big purge of my cupboard last night and wondered what kind of shirts am I going to have to look for this coming winter. I had prissy pussy bow things that I think looked awful on me. Thankfully they were bought at op shops so no grand expenditure. I just spied these on your blog and thought, yeap, open collars, loose, three-quarter sleeves, prints. Yeap. That's where I'm headed for inspiration.

Melissa Brown

Ah yes.....I love that top right dress! SO "easy breezy" Did I mention you are adorable? :) Miss you my dear!


Great blog! ...is on my link list now!



Hi All! I'm so, so glad you liked these. They are sooo simple...but I thought that was what was so refreshing about them. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know.


So pretty. You always have the best picks!


cute blog! and i want those clothes... very pretty!

Designers' Brew

I LOVE their clothes. Super cute and flattering stuff.


such cute designs. love your two pics and the red dress;) great blog!!

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