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Feb 10, 2009


bonbon oiseau

love little miss 3-piece suit--would look sooo good on you. it's kind of cybil sheperd via moonlighting...

loving the swirling out of control loafers...totally loafertastic but those green ones... gorgeous slick grass stains of love...
i am so on board...


Get me those green ones, somebody. Please. My heart hurts.


seriously, they remind me of those weird men's shoes that they sell at the shoe shops on B'way...you know...the very baroque loafers that kind of look like aligator heads? do you know what i mean?

Brittany Noel

I love both of these suits. So feminine. They make me want to wear one too!


i am obsessed with suitwear! I am sad that I am no longer at my old job that required us to look like this everyday! I felt so empowered! :)

Designers' Brew

you would SO rock that.

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