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Feb 09, 2009


Melissa Brown

Wow....awesome! And awesome colors!


How fabulous. You are so right. I look at my mom, who is an actress, and envy her (especially in this economy) - actors are more resilient by nature.


Also thinking a lot about all those crazy, over-the-top films made during the Depression - everyone in white tie and tails and feather boas. Total escapism. What a gift to be able to lift spirits that way.

Designers' Brew

those are great images.

Brittany Noel

SO German Expressionist! I'm in a class right now studying the Weimar Republic's art. These colors are just like Kirchner's depictions of the cities! I love making these connections, thank you!!

bonbon oiseau

oh yes yes susy--loved meeting you saturday night you sassy lovely babe you and hope there's more where that came from!
your new pal,


well said. i love these photos!


Thank you Chelsea...yes...even though things might get rough, it's important to remember to wear your brightest colored tights now and then! :)


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