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Mar 06, 2009



Oh, I love that idea! It's exactly the sort of thing that you don't buy for yourself but are SO PLEASED to receive.

Brittany Noel

I've never had a nice comb. I had a nice brush once. It was so nice!


OH my...my mom gave me the same comb! Told me to always have a great comb and your hair will be beautiful! Too funny!


hmm... this is a great stocking stuffer idea for the boyfriend!


well, i do happen to know that your birthday is coming up....hmmm. note to self!


I have to say, the fact that you all commented made my day. I wasn't sure if these would bore you guys...but I feel really happy knowing that you enjoy things like this, too. :)


This brings back a very fond memory. One Christmas my Dad bought a special hairbrush from Marshall Field's. It was possibly KENT or MASON PEARSON but what I remember most was that I was fourteen and he spent over fifty dollars on a brush that came in a box and was especially for me from my Daddy. It was a nice memory and it meant that he cared. I treasured it forever!


I luv luv luv that typeface you use for your notes!
can you share it's name? :)


...sorry ruby, it's a secret.
I think of it as part of my 'brand' on this blog. I have a policy not to tell people which typefaces I use for my main elements, both here and in my stationery line.


Yes, I feel the same way...I used to have a wonderful brush when I was younger...like, 10 or so...which my parents bought for me.

Perhaps that type of gift is something particular to the older generations...it's so thoughtful, and in a way part of 'growing up'...

I love your story, thank you for sharing it with us...I can imagine how special that must have been for you! It's so important to remember those good, simple moments in our lives, isn't it?


You're absolutely right, it does lend a very special feel to your layouts and your page. Lovely work!


OMG! I have been looking for a good quality "tortoise shell" comb FOREVER! Thanks you!

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