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Mar 18, 2009



I need these. All of them. For my health.


I *knew* you would like these!

two brunettes

What beautiful colors! They are all so awesome.

Melissa Brown

These are absolutely beautiful! I love it and love hearing about new designers too!

Designers' Brew

I wish I didn't have such an unholy high forehead... I look like an alien in headbands. These are beautiful!

Making it Lovely

Thank you for sharing these! I had to buy that first one – it's perfect.


Your forehead is gorgeous!! What you talking about, Willis?

I think high foreheads are great. Would you rather have one of those weird, too small foreheads with encroaching hair???

But I know...I feel weird when I show my whole forehead too. I feel like I have a Shining Dome.


Hey Nicole...meee too. I love how the feathers on that one have a sort of piece-y look-- and the delicate little stripes on the smaller feathers are gorgeous!

I think it will look really great with your recently new haircut! :)

Marie in Singapore

LOvely! it would make a perfect gift for my girlfriend's birthday in April! or might just buy one for me because it is cute (I can't wear headbands = headache)
Susy, I ♥ the idea of the new widget at the end of each post :) very helpful to discover or re-discover the entire blog!!


Hi Marie! One of these would make such a great gift for someone...

Thank you for letting me know you like the widget! I love it, too...I was a little worried that people might think it was too self-promote-y, but when I saw that it mainly showed the images, and wasn't too obtrusive, I thought it might be nice to add. : )

Marie in Singapore

Hi Susy!
I think the widget is just great and bring relevant information to your readers. As I wrote we might have missed some great posts in the past (I certainly did) and don't always have the time to check them out... and please allow me to tell you that you have got such a great sense of putting things together that I LOVE reading your blog over and over again :)
ps: there is nothing wrong in self-promoting your work ☀

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