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Mar 24, 2009


Melissa Brown

wow! I mean....WOW. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the introduction my friend....these are stunning.
(the thought of you, dressed as a rocket pop, brings a smile to my face! :)


LOVE these! so original...

Erin Loechner


Brittany Noel

These are really great! I've been thinking a lot about incorporating fiber into my jewelry (when I actually have the time to make any!) and I love this trend! The peacock earrings are to die for!


Yay! So glad you all approve. Seriously, I think these are a stroke of genius. I just adore them, too. :)


OK, this is so weird. I was considering buying Polli for the site. I love their jewelry. I saw them at the gift show but I'm going to wait until Fall to add jewelry. I'm so glad you like them too!


so beautiful!!!

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