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Mar 19, 2009



These are so fresh and beautiful. I'm particularly drawn to the design reminiscent of a big, gorgeous palm frond.

People St. Clair

I like all of these. I can't way to see what the final result looks like


good luck & stamina with all the work - the swatches look beautiful!

Melissa Brown

Oh Sus....I adore these! I look at them and think, "What I wouldn't give to have that yellow one and the brown one in a fabric, which I would cover my entire house in!"
I am so very serious.....*sigh*


Well, when textile printing won't bankrupt my paper biz, then maybe...maybe. At least I know I might have one customer! :)

Melissa Brown

Oh for sure! I am dead serious! I neeeed that yellow print! :) I hope you are well my friend! I miss you!

Brittany Noel

I really like how fresh these feel! I wonder what would happen if some of the doilies were different sizes? That is the perfect yellow, too. I like the subtle variations in the squares pattern :)

Molly Irwin

these are delicious. you should partner with a paper company. I could see large rolls in a matt finish, and would buy all of them if I could.


molly, thank you!...do you mean a wallpaper company? cos' I have a paper company...susyjack*...or are you talking about wrapping paper? just curious! :)


hey brittany! you're so right. i should explore that. i have a really weird asthetic...

sometimes, i just like to see a really regular pattern...i find it oddly comforting and then, try to work the really big, random shapes into more dynamic patterns. but you are right. i should break out of that on this yellow one and see what happens. or, offer some sort of variation. : )

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